Advice on laptop requirements

Advice on laptop requirements

A laptop for your studies

A laptop is indispensable for studying at Wageningen University & Research. Laptops are increasingly required for your degree programme, for self-study, and for good collaboration.

During the upcoming academic years, you can use the software required for a course on your own laptop. However, the laptop must meet several minimum requirements. The models available at the LaptopShop meet these requirements and also offer comprehensive service, regardless of what you choose within WUR’s flexible education model.

If you choose a different laptop, pay attention to these requirements!

  • Windows 10 in English or Dutch (other languages supported on best effort
  • Display size must be 13-17”, Full HD
  • At least 8 GB of RAM
  • At least 256 GB SSD hard disk
  • Intel Core i5 processor or higher (or similar)
  • HDMI / Displayport connections
  • Touchpad
  • At least two free USB 2.0 (or higher)ports
  • Battery that can run for at least three hours without connection to a power source

It would also be wise to consider:

  • 1 USB C port for video source
  • Good support for the device (next business day) or a backup option such as a spare laptop
  • AC adapter and cable with a Dutch plug
  • Not too heavy
  • No noisy fan
  • Kensington connection to prevent theft

If you regularly use graphics applications or need a lot of computing power, we recommend you use the specifications for the Power Laptop from our range as a reference.

Important for a MacBook

Almost all study and course software that is used at WUR runs on Windows. If you choose a MacBook, it is important that you be able to run Windows software on it. We advise to use Parallels and Windows 10 Education. You can purchase the licences at The ServicePoint IT can assist with the installation in case of problems.