Thesis subject

Agent-based model Too much talent

Level: MSc

Research area/discipline: Computational Social Simulation, Software Engineering

Prerequisites: Programming in Python (INF-22306) and/or Software Engineering (INF-32306) and/or Agent Based Modelling (INF-50806).

Short description:

“Too much talent” is the name for the phenomenon that a group can sometimes become less effective when members with more capacities join. This can e.g. happen in football teams, or it could happen in academic groups.

The effect can be modelled by assuming that individuals have self-enhancement ambitions as well as group-enhancing ambitions, and these can be at odds. 

The subject involves creating a generic proof-of-principle agent-based model in Netlogo to reflect the ‘too much talent’ issue. The simulation should provide insight into the system properties and parameter values that give rise to it. There are two possible applications to choose from: football teams (based on an existing Netlogo model) where attackers could be in competition and harm the team’s result, and academic work groups where publishing and teaching can be in competition.

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