All diagnostics centralised at a single department at one location in 2017

Since 1 September 2015, the diagnostic laboratories of CVI have been merged into a single department: Diagnostics and Crisis Organisation (DCO). Eefke Weesendorp has been appointed as head of this department.

Eefke Weesendorp has worked at CVI since 2005 in both research and diagnostics. As head of the department, Eefke intends to expand the diagnostic activities, such as providing new diagnostic tests.

During the next few months, CVI will be involved with the construction of new laboratory facilities at the main location on the Houtribweg in Lelystad. It is expected that the new building will be completed in early 2017. The activities that currently take place at the Edelhertweg in Lelystad will then move to the Houtribweg. Due to our careful preparation, we expect that our clients will not be affected by this relocation.

Beginning in 2017, all research and diagnostic activities will take place at a single location, enabling us to provide even better service.