Thesis subject

Analysing the host-seeking behaviour of malaria mosquitoes in Tanzania, Africa

MSc student looking for a thesis? Able to start in April or May 2019? Willing to catch mosquitoes in Africa? Then, we want you!

This study will analyse the effect of close-range host cues on the capture performance of a newly-developed mosquito trap. This so-called MTego trap was developed at Wageningen University to target malaria vectors, Anopheles gambiae. We now plan to test the efficacy of this innovative trap in semi-field conditions in Ifakara, Tanzania. The results will be used to improve the design of the MTego trap, that is aimed to be commercialised by the newly created start-up company named PreMal.

We are looking for a motivated MSc student willing to spend 4 to 6 weeks in Ifakara to perform the semi-field tests. The student will design and conduct the semi-field experiments that involve collecting entomological data and measuring sensory cue data such as CO2 levels around the trap. During this project, the student will be supported by PreMal’s entrepreneurs as well as researchers from both Wageningen University and the Ifakara Health Institute.

The candidate is motivated by the possibility to contribute to the development of a commercial product that can affect the life of the most vulnerable people in Africa. The candidate is also genuinely interested in animal behaviour and medical entomology. Finally, she/he is willing to work in an international and multidisciplinary environment.

MSc poster description:

This study is part of a collaborative project between the Experimental Zoology Group and the Laboratory of Entomology.

Examiner: prof.dr. Johan van Leeuwen
Supervisors: Florian Muijres
Jeroen Spitzen
Contact: Florian Muijres (via contact form)
Credits: 36 ECTS
Begin date: 2019-08-01
Requirements: You should have keen interest in animal behavior and technology