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Art as communication tool for climate action

Communicating about climate change (to raise awareness) and solutions to climate change (to get people to take action) is notoriously difficult. In some European countries, different forms of art (visual arts, music, literature) have been used for this purpose. Usually such attempts are rather ad hoc or linked to specific events. Is it true that the arts may be able to reach people who are not easily reached by other means? And if so, how can it best be organised and if possible sustained?

A research question for the thesis could be ‘Can art play a role as a communication tool for climate action?’

The study includes qualitative desk research and interviews with people in the field (artists, researchers, policy makers). Dependent on the length of the assignment, you may include the organisation of an art-based climate event at WUR.

What we can offer

  • Supervision by Rob Swart, a retired climate researcher from WUR with specific interest, and some limited experience, in the use of arts for climate communication. He is still connected to the University of Lisbon, where currently a PhD student is working on similar issues.
    What are we looking for in a student:
  • Have an understanding of the main causes and solutions to climate change
  • Interested in the interface between science and policy and practice
  • Preferably have some affinity with the arts

Practical information

  • Start of the assignment: direct
  • Length (months/ days per week): to be discussed
  • Preferred language: English
  • Location (country): Netherlands