Thesis subject

Banana Xanthomonas Wilt, farm-household heterogeneity, and ICT for agriculture in Rwanda

IITA and Bioversity International Rwanda organises a competitive call for MSc thesis research students affiliated with amongst others Wageningen University (WUR). As there is only limited amount of space and capacity, 2-3 students will be selected using a competitive process through which students submit their proposals.

Applicants respond to 1 of the below 4 Topics:

  • ICT4BXW: Spatial dynamics of Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW) Disease in Rwanda
  • ICT4BXW: ICT and citizen science for control and prevention of Xanthomonas Wilt of Banana (BXW) disease
  • CIALCA: Understanding and exploiting farm-household heterogeneity to strengthen agricultural and rural development
  • CIALCA: ICT for Agriculture: Success and sustainability of the development and use of ICT tools in the agricultural sector?

The same call is launched among students from the University of Rwanda (UR), and IITA and Biodiversity International Rwanda will try - as much as possible - to link Rwandese and Europe-based students to work together.