Thesis subject

Biomechanics of oviposition in parasitic wasps

Parasitic wasps are able to find host for their eggs within substrate very accurately with their ovipositors.

To find the host the ovipositor is steered through the substrate, and can be bend in almost any direction. We are interested to find out how wasps are able to insert these very thin needle-like structures in the substrate and how they are able to bend them whilst searching for hosts.

Methods:High-speed video recordings and measurements of material properties

Examiner: prof.dr. Johan van Leeuwen
Group: Experimental Zoology
Supervisors: Uros Cerkvenik
Sander Gussekloo
Contact: Uros Cerkvenik (via contact form)
Credits: depends on the length of the subject
For: BSc and MSc Animal Sciences and Biology
Used skills: High speed camera recordings