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Business model for Agrotech solution

Since 2015 the Grameen foundation in Ghana is rolling out their digital Agrotech solution for agricultural advice and monitoring of farm performance in the domain or maize, soy beans and rice. A so-called Community AgroTech Specialist (someone who received some training and has an ipad to download advice, upload performance data etc.) acts as a translator and mediator towards the farmers.

So far Grameen implements this service with project funds and support of the ADVANCE (USAID value chain support programme), but they would like to develop a sustainable business model. To develop this more insight is needed in the role and value that different value chain actors see in their Agrotech solution (now or for the future). Could a master student with a business management orientation do this research for Grameen Ghana?

As Farmer Organisations in Ghana are rather weak, Grameen now mainly work with employees (so-called CAS) of aggregators, who use AgroTech to improve their relationships farmer producers, stimulating them to enhance farm productivity and quality (sustainable sourcing). A consultant developed the following business model idea.

Three main business models were elaborated by the consultant.

  1. Community Agro-Tech Specialist uses his Ipad to upload farmer-specific info and provide farmers with timely advice. Farmer pay a fee once in three months;
  2. Outgrower Businesses/aggregators use and pay for AgroTech, which enables them to closely monitor the production and service needs of their sourcing farmers, while providing these farmers with timely advice;
  3. Larger agriculture related companies like financial institutions, fertiliser and pesticide traders or FBOs use Agrotech for close monitoring of farm situation, anticipate service needs and farmer payback potential.

Question is how these different actors, highlighted by the consultant, look at the Agrotech solution and the potential benefit/value it would bring them. To what extent are they interested to use and possible pay for the service provided.