Can clean cooking compensate carbon? FairClimateFund and carbon compensation strategies

FairClimateFund is a social entrepreneur that sells Fairtrade certified carbon credits to companies, events and private individuals willing to compensate their emissions. These carbon credits are generated by various projects, including cookstove and reforestation projects in Africa, India and Latin America.

FairClimateFund is interested in research on various aspects of its activities. Topics include, but are not limited to:
Energy efficient investment behavior of poor rural households in developing countries (behavioural economics)

Practical interventions for smallholder farmers to cope with the effects of climate change (to integrate in our Fairtrade Climate Academy)

How to capitalize now on the far away benefits of reforestation projects (how to make a business case for reforestation activities)
Appropriate cooking technology and potential for renewable fuels in southern Ethiopia (Guji / Bale Mountains)

Type of research

Varies, but mostly qualitative. Some projects include field work.

Type of student

MDR/MID/MME or other relevant Master. Students should have a broad interest in clean cooking, carbon compensation mechanisms and/or reforestation in the global South.