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Can insects suffer? A look at insect welfare - Nick Timmermans

Animal welfare has been a topic of interest for decades. In recent years, studies into the welfare of lower vertebrates and invertebrates have gained attention, particularly fish and cephalopods (e.g. squids and octopuses). Welfare is commonly described as the combination of the emotional state (affective state), the expression of natural behaviour (natural living) and basic health and functioning.
Insects are a group of invertebrates whose welfare has not been getting much attention even though they are of a particular use for humans due to their role in ecosystems, crop production and biological pest control. Using concepts of studies on lower vertebrates and invertebrates, experiments can be designed aimed at insects to determine if their behaviour in particular is affected by (potentially) painful situations, and if their welfare is therefore affected.

Student: NAG Timmermans

Supervisor: dr L Webb

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