Career Coaching

Do you have questions about finding a job or about careerchoices? During the Career Day there is the opportunity to have a coaching session with a career coach from career coaching company Een wereld van verschil.

Some subjects:

  • How to steer your career in the direction of what reallu energizes you.
  • What to do after completing a PhD
  • How to improve your job seeking strategies
  • What to do if you want to find a job that is not directly related to your study
  • How to present yourself in a job interview
  • How to make optimal use of networking

Go to the 'Een wereld van verschil' stand at the Career Day and register for a free 1-on-1session. You will be assigned a time slot (first come, first served !).

About Een wereld van verschil

Een wereld van verschil is based in Wageningen and offers career coaching and training for university-educated Life Science professionals. Our coaching and training inspires you to take the right steps to build your career. We help you to further develop your personal and professional competences and build your career from there. The coaching and training Een wereld van verschil offers focusses on who you are, what your talents are and on your professional mission. The result of the coaching and training is a clear vision on what you want to bring to the world combined with the drive to actually go out and do it! This leads to a career and professional results that are fulfilling. We have an academic background ourselves, and combine this with broad experience in coaching and training of university-educated professionals.

Michaele Eijsink, decaan en studieloopbaanbegeleider: Ik ben een allround decaan en studieloopbaanbegeleider met ruime ervaring in diverse typen onderwijs. Mijn streven is om mensen (jongeren) te stimuleren, adviseren en coachen, zodanig dat hun talenten optimaal tot ontwikkeling komen. Vanaf 1993 onderzoek en begeleid ik leerlingen en studenten bij studiekeuzevraagstukken. In mijn werk ben ik kwaliteitsgericht, flexibel en pragmatisch.  Als loopbaanprofessional werk ik vanuit mijn woonplaats Arnhem. Meer informatie vind je op mijn website

Bernadette Egelmeers, career coach at Egelmeers Loopbaancoaching en Projectleiding.

After an education at Radboud University in pedagogy, I started my career in Learning and Development and HR in several fast running consumer goods companies. I found out that my deepest interest is What makes people move? What gives joy and meaning to your job and live? It is a continuing voyage of discovery to find out.

I love to be part of your career journey. With surprisingly questions I stimulate you to self research. I love to mix analytical, creative and synthesizing exercises. Together we create a renewed self image, with talents, skills, values and with career challenges. We translate this to job requirements and look for possilities to find a job in which you can bloom.

Clients tipify me as a concerned listener, (who reads between the lines 😉), a good observer, and a creative conversation partner, who goes on untill results are reached.

You can find me on LinkedIn or