Eten met zorg

Achtergronden bij onze advertenties

Catering with care

Hospital patients usually have to indicate what they would like to eat a day in advance and often misestimate their appetite. As a consequence, they do not get the right amount of food, and a lot of food ends up being wasted.

Research conducted at Wageningen UR shows that this waste can be reduced significantly if the plate is filled at a patient’s bedside. Patients can decide what they would like to eat, and how much they would like to have. Flexible eating hours, a larger selection of food options and a pleasant space also contribute to reducing the amount of wasted food. And patients eat better, too. This is how Wageningen UR contributes to improving the quality of life.

Joost Snels
By addressing food waste, you create a win-win scenario. You operate more sustainably and reduce costs. And by improving patients' meal experience, you also contribute to improving their well-being.
Joost Snels