Cinemare, film Zandzicht

Cinemare, video Sandview

After extended research, LfM decided to document De Zandmotor from a different perspective: from the sea. During a 4-km swim around this large body of sand, Annechien recorded video footage of De Zandmotor with the aid of a bodycam, while Gert-Jan made recordings from a rescue boat. Recordings from both sources were edited into a short video entitled Zandzicht/Sandview. For a project at De Zandmotor in Kijkduin, LfM converted its Climate Rescue Unit into the LfM Pop-Up Cinema and set it up on this artificial peninsula.

Building with nature

De Zandmotor is a large pilot project for natural coastal defense, which simultaneously creates space for nature and recreation. It is an example of building with nature; a concept in which nature is used to face the risks of waves and sea level rise. Other examples are an oyster reef to protect the coast, and mangroves or willow fin front of dikes to reduce wave impact. Gradually the insight that harsh civil engineering measures alone are not everything is gaining ground.

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Salt water where possible, Fresh water where necessary

The project Water Nexus is looking for strategies to use wastewater as a resource and increase the use of brackish and saline water that enable water supply for climate change adaptation.