Presently (2018) the collection comprises of 205 accessions with each three trees. The collection which started in 1976 (see history) was built for safeguarding obsolete varieties.

Later, research material has been added. This research material consists of varieties developed abroad, ornamental crap apple species and interspecific hybrids, a series of wild apples (Malus sieversii) collected in Kazakhstan by the USDA and research material developed by Wageningen University & Research.

Composition CGN apple collection
# accessions
Consumption apples
Malus domestica 126
Malus sieversii 19
Ornamental apples
Malus formosana 1
floribunda 1
ioensis 1
pumila 2
brevipens 2
coronaria 1
hybrids 19
Total 172

In 2017 and 2018 the collection of old cultivars has been checked by a group of Dutch pomologists. Together with molecular data obtained in 2004, it was possible to verify most old varieties. These accessions are marked in the highlights field of the database, as being verified. Several duplicates have been found and will be removed in future.