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Contribute to a Wageningen policy on responsible partnerships

One of the pillars of the new WUR Strategic Plan is ‘collaboration’. Collaboration with societal actors is seen as one of WUR’s strengths, whether with activist groups and civil society organisations or with multinational corporations and international organisations.

What policy should Wageningen University & Research (WUR) adopt with regard to responsible partnerships?
Research question

However, during an investigation into responsible research practices at Wageningen University and Research, it was discovered that there was limited formal guidance on which kinds of collaboration really further WUR’s mission. Are there companies or nations that we should rather not collaborate with? Which tensions can researchers expect when collaborating with non-academic partners, and how can they navigate them?

In this project you will investigate what a policy on responsible partnerships for Wageningen could look like – and try to get it implemented!

Type of research

  • You will study relevant policy documents, from WUR and other universities. Starting point of your research will be the Wageningen Review and Outlook, as developed by Ludwig, Macnaghten and Pols.
  • You will do interviews with Wageningen policy-makers and researchers to identify relevant issues and concerns.

What kind of student

You should

  • be able to speak and write both Dutch and English;
  • have good analytic skills and affinity with literature research;
  • have experience with and/or interest in doing interviews;
  • have experience with and/or interest in policy-making processes.