Course Details - Aquaculture Smallholder Business Development

Aquaculture: a sector on the rise

On a global scale aquaculture has shown a steady growth in the past decades. Seafood products from aquaculture production are now equal to the amount supplied by capture fisheries, The global demand for fish or aquatic products is driven by population growth and a growing awareness of the positive impact of consumption of aquatic products on human health. In Europe and North America the local production and supply of fishery products are not sufficient to meet the demand. Fish and other seafood have become very important export commodities for countries in East, South and S.E. Asia. In many other regions however programs to assist the start and further growth of fish farming have often not reached their objectives or initial successes could not be sustained.

Fish farmers as partners in agribusiness

Small fish farms constitute the majority of the world’s small and medium aquaculture enterprises. This course perceives fish farmers as autonomous entrepreneurs (and not as target groups or beneficiaries), and their organisations as aquaculture business supporters. The central question is how fish farmers, through collective action of their organisations, can better access inputs and credit, improve their production and yields in a sustainable way, manage the costs and quality of their products, create value through post-harvest operations and access more remunerative markets.

New insights, capacities and tools

By the end of the course you will have adapted your perspective on rural innovation and aquaculture business development processes and you will be motivated to become a ‘game changer’ in your country and organization. You have gained new insights on fish farmer-inclusive business models and value chain development that can be shared share with colleagues and partners. And you will be capable to use operational approaches and practical tools to facilitate better performance and market engagement of aquaculture producer organizations.

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