Course Details - Horticulture Sector Development for Emerging Markets

Increasing demand for horticultural products

The rapid rise of the middle class and rising per capita income in emerging economies are leading to increasing demand for healthy, safe and sustainably produced horticultural products. These developments offer new opportunities to farmers and stakeholders involved in the Horticulture sector. However, effective growth requires the transition from highly fragmented and informal market channels to a more professional horticultural sector. A modern domestic horticulture sector may in turn open up opportunities for export markets for horticulture products.

Strengthening horticultural value chains

Modern production practices, value addition activities, value chain governance, viable market channels and a conducive enabling environment are some of the key factors for successful horticultural value chains. If properly enhanced, value chains can bring about opportunities for business development, profit and income generation, employment creation, food and nutrition security and GDP growth.

Implementation in practice

While technical solutions for improving production systems are abundant, in practice many bottlenecks in the horticultural sector are grounded in national policies and are context specific. This therefore calls for appropriate management of improved production and market systems, along with supportive and enabling policies and institutions. In this view, special attention will be given to the role of stakeholders throughout the value chain.

Course setting

The training is job-oriented, experience-based and highly interactive. As a participant in this course, you receive an extensive training where theory is merged with practice. The course topics will be addressed through lectures, discussions, group work, case studies, excursions and field trips. Each of the components of the course has been specially designed to give you sufficient insight in the dynamics of the horticultural sector. And more importantly, this course provides a unique opportunity to learn from a wealth of international experience available among your peers around the world, the course facilitators and invited lectures and shared experiences with other horticulture enthusiasts.

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