Daejeon Metropolitan Museum of Art

Daejeon Metropolitan Museum of Art

For the Daejeon Museum of Art in Daejeon, South Korea, LfM set up a pilot project with artificial microclimates in the museum park. Visitors were also given the opportunity to create their own microclimates during a performance and could find further information on microclimates in a tent that was specially designed for the installation.


Cities have urban climate problems, such as urban heat and wind nuisance or danger. These can be solved with many design interventions. Wageningen UR develops a smartphone app, CLIMADAPTOOL (CLIMate ADAPtation TOOL), in which people can see what the actual local urban climate is like in their direct living environment and what they can do to improve it. This tool will make the information to improve the urban climate easily accessible for everybody.

Climate research on your own smartphone

With the teaching package 'Onsklimaat' children from the upper primary school learn that the temperature is not the same wherever you go, and that we can take measures to improve our living climate when designing districts. During the practical afternoon the children record the temperature in various locations around the school using their own smartphone. The ultimate goal is to use the knowledge they have acquired to compile an improvement plan for the area.