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Ornamental plant cultivation is booming business in the Dutch agriculture and horticulture sectors. Eight billion euros per year are spent on plants and flowers of which the Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter. This is thanks to innovative companies such as Dekker Chrysanten in Hensbroek in the province of Noord-Holland. We are one of the largest chrysanthemum breeders in the world.

This is our story

We breed and propagate chrysanthemums. The new varieties that we develop we also produce as cuttings. Breeding activities are concentrated in the Netherlands while our production facilities are mostly located in Tanzania. We first test new varieties on a large scale in the Netherlands and in Colombia. The cuttings of Dekker Chrysanten can be found across the globe.


We are famous for our capacity for innovation. We launched varieties that caused breakthroughs in the market with their new types, different flower shapes, and particular colours. DNA technology has allowed us to breed in a more targeted way. We are also pioneers in technological innovation and are the only company in the sector that is fully automated.


Dekker Chrysanten is a healthy and vibrant family business. We are financially stable with 120 employees in the Netherlands and 900 employees at our facilities abroad. We keep the lines short and our employees are given a great deal of responsibility. We encourage them to take initiative. Our company culture is informal but our organization is professional. We have an eye for spotting talent and ambition. At Dekker Chrysanten the ball is in your court.

Your story

You’ll soon have a degree in plant sciences, logistics, finance, marketing, IT, or management and want to get started in an exciting sector that is developing at a fast pace. Perhaps you are even considering an international career. You are looking for a company that gives you the opportunities that you’re going to take to move up the career ladder. Opportunities that allow you to develop and make your mark on one of the early adopters in the ornamentals sector.

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