Thesis subject

Detection of banana’s plants pathogens via artificial smell and vision: An experimental strategy

Emerging robotic and sensor technologies are opening new frontiers in remote sensing research. Working with these technologies is an added valuable point for any professional who wishes to succeed in this competitive market. Herein, you will have the opportunity to work in a novel and ambitious project that will contribute for the advances in plant phenotyping via remote sensing.

Bananas are one of the most demanded food items in the daily human being’s diets, and one of the top worldwide crops with highest economic impact. Banana’s face several pathogens of which some are hard to detect due to their development within the banana plant. Some pathogens can easily spread through the soil. The rapid propagation of the disease is imminent if the infected plant is not detected on time in order to be eradicated. Consequently, significant production losses are observed.

The goal of this thesis is to register the spatial-temporal signatures from healthy and infected banana’s plants using artificial vision (thermography) and smell (electronic nose). This will be achieved within the following steps:

  1. Review in banana’s phenotyping sensing;
  2. Design the experimental setup;
  3. Greenhouse tests , data processing and analysis.



  • Willing for learning novel software and hardware tools
    Artificial intelligence enthusiast
  • Excited for saving Banana’s from extinction!

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring