Thesis subject

Development and analysis of Multi-scale scenarios

The Environmental Systems Analysis Group provides the possibility for students to do their thesis in collaboration with our group. This is one of many possible thesis subjects. Please feel free to contact Dr Kasper Kok (right) for more information.

Development and analysis of Multi-scale scenarios, e.g. co-production of socio-economic scenarios with stakeholders and/or linking qualitative products to quantitative models and/or using the SSPs (shared socioeconomic pathways) linking multiple spatial (and/or temporal) scales. Case study to be selected together with your supervisor. See also:

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Pedde, S., K. Kok, K. Hölscher, C. Oberlack, P. A. Harrison, and R. Leemans. 2019. Archetyping shared socioeconomic pathways across scales: an application to central Asia and European case studies. Ecology and Society 24(4):30.