Downloads GMCC-15

Plenary sessions

Wednesday 18 November 2015


Plenary Session 1: Low Level Presence - Threshold Policies

Thursday 19 November 2015

Plenary Session 2: The Global Pipeline of GM Crops and its Implications for International Trade and Developing Countries

Plenary Session 3: The 'Opt-Out' Proposal of the European Commission

Friday 20 November 2015

Plenary Session 4: Socio-economic Issues of Coexistence

Plenary Session 5: GMOs, Coexistence, and TTIP

Parallel Sessions

Session A1: New Plant Breeding Techniques – Extending the EU Technology Graveyard?

Session A2: Coexistence: Future Challenges

Session A3: Comparative Studies of GMOs or Trade Agreements

Session A4: Socioeconomic Impact of Coexistence

Session B1: Who Profits from Patents on Plant-related Inventions?

Session B2: Coexistence at Crop, Farm, and Landscape Level (I)

  • Modeling the Distribution of Adventitious GM Cross-Pollination in Agricultural Maize Fields
    Anna Nadal, Enric Melé, Joaquima Messeguer, Marina Melé-Messeguer, Montserrrat Palaudelmàs, Gisela Peñas, Xavier Piferrer, Gemma Capellades, Joan Serra and Maria Pla
  • Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (CMS) as a Biological Confinement Tool for Maize Coexistence: Optimization of Pollinator Spatial Arrangements
    Heidrun Bückmann, Gemma Capellades, Kateřina Hamouzová, Josef Holec, Joaquima Messeguer, Anna Nadal, Xavier Piferrer Guillen, Maria Pla, Joan Serra, Josef Soukup, Katja Thiele, and Joachim Schiemann
  • Coexistence between Transgenic MON 810 Maize and Hives: Pollen and Flour Flow by Pollinator Bees and Honey Labelling
    Eugénia de Andrade, Maria Lopes, Mónica Rodrigues, Ana Chegão, Fátima Quedas, Amélia Lopes

Session B3: Labeling, Standards, and GMOs

Session B4: The Contribution of Future Traits

  • Use of an Iterative Delphi Forecasting Study to Identify Arable Crop Traits that Could, In the European Context, Enhance Economic Performance, Benefit the Environment, or Have Nutritional Advantages
    Ian McFarlane, Philip Jones, Julian Park, and Richard Tranter
  • Next Biotech Plants: New Traits, Crops, Developers and Technologies for Addressing Global Challenges
    Agnes Ricroch and Marie-Cecile Henard-Damave

Session C1: Coexistence at Crop, Farm, and Landscape Level (II)

Session C2: Segregation in Food and Feed Supply Chains & GM Pipeline of New Events, Crops and Target Markets

Session C3: Practical Implementation of Coexistence in Europe (PRICE)

Session C4: Public Engagement, Societal Acceptance of GMOs and Implications for Coexistence

Session D1: Adoption of GM Crops with Coexistence Measures in the EU: Economic Assessment Based on an Original Farm Survey

Session D2: Regulatory challenges of Coexistence

Session D3: Welfare Effects of TPP and GMOs

Session D4: EU Regulations of New Biotechnologies and Implications for Coexistence