Thesis subject

Drag measurements in seahorses through development

Seahorses are extremely good in hovering and manoeuvring in small areas without disturbing sediment. We use the seahorses as a model for the development of underwater robots.

This thesis study aims to measure the drag that seahorses experience when gliding. This information is usefull to derive an estimate of the forces that seahorses need to produce to propel themselves. We will measure drag forces with different developmental stadia in seahorses: from newborn to adult.

Still of a seahorse (made by S. Henrion)
Still of a seahorse (made by S. Henrion)

Examiner: prof.dr. Johan van Leeuwen
Group: Experimental Zoology
Supervisors: Sebastian Henrion
Sander Gussekloo
Contact: Sebastian Henrion (via contact form)
Begin date: From November, 2014
End date: flexible
Credits: depends
For: BSc Animal Sciences and Biology
Used skills: High speed camera recordings