Thesis subject

EVOCA is looking for 5 Master students

Are you a Master’s student interested in ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development)? Are you looking for a thesis supervisor? Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to do collaborative research? Would you like to do field research in Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda or Ethiopia in the academic year 2017/2018?

EVOCA is a collaborative interdisciplinary project of Wageningen University and seven partner NGO institutions in Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Ghana. It focusses on virtual knowledge sharing platforms (Environmental Virtual Observatories) .

Timely information on environmental dynamics via mobile technologies holds considerable promise to the overcome socio-environmental problems faced by rural communities. Mobile phones can positively affect sustainable development, allowing the users to overcome  information gaps, lack of physical infrastructure and social and geographical isolation.

We are looking for 5 Master students to join our team of 11 PhD students. You will be expected to contribute to the project’s goals
but pursuing own research proposal on a related topic is also possible.

What we offer

  • Chance to do research on ICT4D;
  • Thesis supervision and on-site support;
  • Workspace and affiliation with our partner NGOs (CIP, ILRI, IITA, FARA, MDF, KWS and University of  Rwanda);
    Funds for field data collection;
  • Your work and profile featured on the project’s website

If you are

  • a Master’s student with excellent track record, enrolled in a study program which allows you to have your thesis supervised by the KTI, COM or PAP group;
  • a team player, flexible, creative and ambitious;
  • fluent in spoken and written English, knowledge of French and/or one of the local case-study languages is an asset;
  • comfortable working efficiently in a multi-disciplinary, multicultural environment;
  • demonstrable previous field research experience will be a plus!

Selected students will be invited for an interview!