Effects of Harvest Predictions on Yield

Feeding the world’s increasing population is one of the 21st century’s biggest global challenges. A wave of innovation is required to revolutionize the efficiency of modern-day farming. Drone technology is widely anticipated to make its mark on the future of farming. Steady adoption of drones has provided the agricultural sector with a means to gather large amounts of data. However, we need a smart business case to support the use of this data in a fruitful way.

VanBoven is a Dutch AgTech startup in The Hague founded in 2018 by TU Delft and Wageningen University alumni. VanBoven provides arable farmers with 'drones-as-a-service': an easy way to use drones and collect crop data. VanBoven applies machine learning algorithms to extract valuable crop information for its customers. Crops are monitored every other week, providing time-series of high resolution geo-referenced RGB-imagery. VanBoven works together with Wageningen’s Geo-Information lab.

Drone technology is widely anticipated to disrupt the way we think about agriculture


One of VanBoven’s targets is to develop predictive yield models for vegetables like cauliflowers and broccolis. Such predictive models provide farmers with insights on their expected yield over time. Using this knowledge, farmers can sell their products in advance, minimizing their price spreads. Your assignment is to investigate the current price spreads in the market and estimate the added value of knowing yields in advance. You will be supervised by a Geo-Information Sciences alumnus from Wageningen and work closely together with the founding team. You will be involved in day-to-day operations at VanBoven. There will be plenty opportunity to join us on customer visits and perform ground-truthing when needed. Entrepreneurial students are encouraged to apply, as this is a great start-up experience.

We facilitate both thesis and regular internships and are open to all students with an interest in agro-economic data analysis. We will define your exact assignment together with you. This makes sure the assignment fits your requirements and interests as well as ours.
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