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Environmental Physical Chemistry

Do you want to do your MSc Thesis-research about Environmental Physical Chemistry?


  • Transport modeling of ions, protein and colloids in water (the field of electrokinetics)
  • Ion adsorption to water/solid interfaces in environmental systems (electrical double layer theory)
  • Modeling combined diffusion-reaction problems with charged species (Nernst-Planck equation)

What will you learn, what to expect?

  •  For this thesis research, a (mainly) theoretical project can be performed in Wageningen (and Wetsus); for a more experimental project, Wetsus, Leeuwarden, is most suitable, see www.wetsus.nl.
  • You will learn about the field of transport and adsorption of charged species in aqueous systems, as found in many biological, environmental and technological problems. The charged species can be ions, protein molecules, colloids, charged polymers.

  • You will learn theoretical methods to make actual, relevant, calculations of real-life systems.

  • For a more theoretical project, some insight/skill in (numerical) modeling is required.

 For information, you can contact:

A pdf of a recent presentation on the above topics via this link: http://ow.ly/Khx6k