Evergreen: Evergreen Tower

The six towers of the former prison have been a landmark since when they were built in the 70s. After the demolition of five of the towers, the Evergreen Tower will take over this role of honour. The Evergreen Tower provides  a sustainable green living environment, only 15 minutes from the bustling centre of Amsterdam. From a distance, whether it be from the metro passing by, or from one of city’s skyscrapers, the Evergreen Tower will catch people’s eyes due to its three green Skywalks providing sky-high entrances to the Tower, The plants growing inside its smart climate chambers can be seen from all over the  Bajes Kwartier thanks to the glass façades, an all-year-round evergreen vista.

On entering the Evergreen Tower, you encounter the Spiral, running all the way from the ground floor to the roof, producing fresh corn salad for the neighbourhood. The Spiral is a unique plant production system that combines food production with modern architecture. It is the spine of the Evergreen Tower, visible from every floor. A pedestrian spiral-shaped staircase encircles the plant spiral, providing a passageway to all 11 floors. Young corn salad plants are transplanted at the top, and continue their growth cycle until they are harvested at the bottom.

As you enter the tower on one of the skywalks, the entrance paths, made of re-used façades, will remind you of the building’s former identity as a prison. If you look more closely, you’ll see that every floor has a green belt; an L-shaped climate chamber producing all kinds of crops. The plant produce grown in the Tower varies with time, always responding to local demand, as well as to the latest developments in indoor plant cultivation.

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