Experience of Alysha Blomker, WYI 2019 winner, at the Global Youth Institute

Alysha and Ezinma won the Wageningen Youth Institute 2019 with their research on mycorrhiza fungi in soil. They had the honour to represent the Wageningen Youth Institute at the three-day Global Youth Institute, hosted by the World Food Prize.

Meeting experts from all around the world, having spirited discussions with like-minded students and exploring the all encompassing topic of Food; Those were some of my favourite aspects of the Global Youth Institute (GYI). 

What I now realise is that there are so many facades and layers that make up the food we see and eat every day. It takes a lot to more than just a plant or crop to produce food; Agriculture is intricate and complex, and to me learning about it was fascinating! It now know it requires hard work and dedication to assure that we can feed the world today and in the coming decades; But after meeting those people who are currently in the 'fight against hunger' and my peers who will continue the effort, I am resolved to face the challenge. 

Attending the GYI and the World Food Prize was eye opening, thought provoking and inspiring; And I am immensely thankful (and proud) to have been part of the Wageningen Delegation!