Experience of Ezinma Herler, WYI 2019 winner, at the Global Youth Institute

Ezinma Herler and Alysha Blomker won the Wageningen Youth Institute 2019 with their research on mycorrhiza fungi in soil. They had the honour to represent the Wageningen Youth Institute at the three-day Global Youth Institute, hosted by the World Food Prize.

The Global Youth Institute 2019 was more than just a trip to America, it was an enlightening experience which highlighted not only many problems in today’s world concerning hunger, but the many creative and thoughtful solutions students had proposed. It was fascinating and encouraging to see so many students from 10 different countries, including Mexico, Honduras and China, come together to fight world hunger along with a myriad of experts who were always extremely supportive and excited to listen to your research, whilst constantly giving constructive feedback. During my stay in Iowa, I met a plethora of students, which with a few I formed very strong friendships and am still in contact with today; the students were all extremely welcoming and friendly, and everyone was always very impressed when I said that I came from the Wageningen Youth Institute in The Netherlands (as it is a very popular university amongst experts). I would most certainly recommend this experience to every student who is interested in saving the millions of people currently living in hunger, and would like to thank the Wageningen Youth Institute for this amazing experience.