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Financial stress and health

You may have heard on the Dutch news recently that Dutch HBO-students who experience financial stress, also experience (health) problems such as headaches, and difficulty with sleeping. More and more, the importance of financial well-being is recognized, also for other domains of well-being. For example, the work of Eldar Shafir (on scarcity) shows that living in poverty might have serious consequences for cognitive functions and attention.

To ultimately be able to design interventions aiming at well-being in financial, physical, mental and social perspective, creating a state-of-the-art overview of the literature is warranted. With your BSc thesis on this topic, you can contribute to getting this overview.
Possible research questions are:

  • What impact does financial stress have on well-being?
  • What outcomes are affected by financial stress?
  • What interventions aiming at financial well-being currently exist?