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French III

Are you about to move to France for a study period, internship or job? Do you already have a reasonable command of French grammar? Would you like to improve these skills and, above all, learn to communicate better in French? Then the French III course may be just what you need.

Classes take place on the WUR Campus, in the Forum building.

Target group

French III is intended for students who have successfully completed the French II course, as well as for anyone who has completed 3 or 4 years of French in senior general secondary or pre-university education and has followed a course or perhaps spent some time in a French-speaking country and thus kept in touch with the language.

End level

  • French III: heading to B1 (CEFR)


Although the French III course will discuss grammar and vocabulary, the primary aim is to learn to communicate in French. The course will focus mainly on oral communication, supported by reading, listening and writing exercises. Grammar and vocabulary will be offered where and when relevant. The course will also discuss cultural aspects and current affairs in France. All practical activities will focus on practical and realistic situations. The language of instruction will be French.


The course runs for 13 weeks. There will be 1 weekly class of 1 hour and 45 minutes. In addition to the classes, you will also need to spend 2 to 3 hours on homework each week to reach the intended level.

Dates and times

Startdate Enddate Day Time
5 March 18 June Monday 17.30 - 19.15 hrs.

Course material

Digital (and any other) course material will be provided to you, so you will not have to purchase any material yourself.


You will be awarded a Wageningen in’to Languages certificate upon successful completion of the course. Students who fail the exam can take a resit for an additional fee of € 25.


BSc/Msc WUR students € 90
WUR employees € 400
Regular fee € 450
  • Including exam on the last day of the course
  • We only accept payment by debit or creditcard

*This € 90 fee applies only to students with a signed authorisation form. Students pay € 90 if they need this language course for an internship/ thesis abroad. The internship/ thesis must be part of their prescribed study programme/ approved set of MSc examination subjects. The form must be signed by the thesis- of internshipsupervisor.

Prior the registration

If you are not sure whether this course is right for your level, do not hesitate to contact our Service Centre for a no-obligation intake interview with one of our teachers.

T: +31 317 48 2552