Fructans as vase life marker for chrysanthemum after cold storage and manipulation of source:sink ratios

MSc-thesis abstract (submitted 23 October 2017): Current research on fructan usage in cut chrysanthemum has not yet revealed the importance on vase life performance. Previous research suggested the potential of fructan as vase life marker.
In this research, two experiments were conducted to investigate the role of carbohydrates (total soluble sugars and fructan) as function of vase life performance in commercial chrysanthemum flowers.

The carbohydrate levels in the lower stem segments are an indicator for total carbohydrate content in the entire flowering stem. This plant organ is used to examine carbohydrate levels in fourteen commercial chrysanthemum genotypes. We determined TSS and fructan after harvest and after three weeks of cold, dry and dark storage to predict vase life.
Higher fructan content after cold storage was related to an improved water balance and an extended vase life. Furthermore, the first steps are made to model and predict the time of storing flowering stems, while still having a good vase life.

In this research, the first results are shown of fructan as vase life marker. The results show significant correlations between fructan content and vase life parameters.
Based on the results, fructan content is a possible marker to predict vase life for flowering stems kept in a cold room for three weeks.

Keywords: Chrysanthemum, fructan, vase life, metabolic marker, potential storage indicator