Green Spark: From Root to Fruit

When you enter the tower, you first cross a beautiful indoor ‘wetplant’ that cleans the water used in the tower. On the same floor, you discover the tower’s first food production facilities: this is where it all starts. Waste is given a new life and upcycled into food. If you walk into the production facilities, you’ll see black soldier fly larvae, mushrooms, and bio char being produced; these are the foundation of the tower’s ecosystem. Like a plant’s root, these inputs are taken up and the process of transforming them into food begins.

You continue on your journey, taking the escalators to the next floor. There you see a bustling market full of fresh and unique produce sold by local farmers. There is always something new to try - black tomatoes, spicy peppers, or even seedlings which you can take away and grow at home. In the next layer, you’ll find spaces for the many  social activities, starting with a floor with a gym and space for classes and workshops to meet friends or learn something new.

Moving up to the third and fourth floors, you enter our botanical gardens, with space to meet and relax. We’ve planted many tropical species, and this is also where you’ll find our algae reactor. Subsequent floors contain office space for start-ups, as well as open spaces to discuss ideas and showcase new innovations; all have a view on the plant production facilities so all our farm-related practices are visible throughout the tower.

Once you’ve reached the top, you pluck our metaphorical fruit: this is where you can enjoy the food we produce. Enjoy a bite at the restaurant, participate in the public kitchen, or join a workshop in our nursery - all with splendid views of Amsterdam and the new Bijlmer Kwartier.

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