GreenWURks: Open Bajes

We envision the Open Bajes as a living lab, a collective learning community where the voice of the public continuously contributes to defining and shaping the building. To do so, we see the Open Bajes as an Amsterdam hotspot where people come together and learn about circular food production and consumption through experiencing and interacting with urban farming and nature. The Open Bajes will be an open and easily accessible space where social interactions are facilitated and encouraged by the building’s design. Moreover, the building is equipped for functions such as workshops, art, and sports events.

Within the Open Bajes we have 3 main innovations that contribute to sustainability, a healthy lifestyle, and community building. The first is Biophilia, our plant production system that uses mist to spray the roots of our plants, uses moss as a substrate, and allows people from within neighbourhood to learn about food production. The second is Rhythm, an app that connects citizens to each other and the Open Bajes. The third is Simpli-City, a busies model that makes the citizens of neighbourhood shareholder of the Open Bajes which enables them to shape their own neighbourhood.

By designing the building this way, we aim to facilitate community development and promote a healthy lifestyle, thereby enabling a process of constant co-shaping of the building and, ultimately, its sustainability. To support the Open Bajes and coordinate its different functions, we will develop an app ‘Rhythm’ which allows people to connect with the functions of the building and directly co-create their experience.

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