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How can I obtain publications for free?

  1. At you can use the hashtag #icanhazpdf and combine this with the title of the article or the DOI.
  2. Install the Google Scholar Button. When you do not find a direct link in Google Scholar, try the link “All versions” for more options.
  3. Install the CanaryHaz button.
  4. Install the Open Access Button. You have to register.
  5. Use Creative Commons and BASE to find articles in repositories worldwide.
  6. Install Unpaywall to find self-archived (Green Open Access) articles in repositories worldwide
  7. When you find an article in a database, often an e-mail address of one of the authors is mentioned. Contacting the author is usually a quick way to obtain the full text.
  8. Some authors place a version of their papers on a personal webpage. These papers are easy to find with Google.
  9. Visit university libraries. As a student or university staff member you can borrow books for free at other university libraries, if you go there in person and show your WUR-card. Search WorldCat to find out which library has the required journal, book or database.
  10. WorldCat is also a good source to find free articles (choose the tab Articles).
  11. If these free options don't work, then use the ordering service of the Library. This is a fee-based service.