How do I create links to publications in order to avoid using PDFs?

To avoid copyright issues, lecturers are advised to take up links to journal articles or book chapters in teaching materials and Blackboard, instead of PDFs. Links with a DOI number are preferred over a publisher link, because the DOI links are more stable.

How do I create a DOI link?

A DOI link consists of two components:

http://doi.org/ + a DOI (e.g. 10.1038/nature12251) =

The DOI or DOI link can usually be found on the first page of a journal article or an e-book chapter, on a publisher’s  website, or in the record of a publication in a database like Scopus.

How do I create an EZproxy link?

To create an EZproxy link, you have to add the following URL in front of a normal URL:

A full EZproxylink will look like this:

On campus, students will have direct access (if the Library has a subscription). When off campus, students will be prompted to log in with their WUR account, after which they will have access.

Linking publications.jpg