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How to access library resources directly from publishers’ websites

Download the Library Access browser extension to access online Library resources without needing to go to the Library website.

WUR Journals and databases licensed by the Library are always accessible when you are on campus. However, it is also possible to access them when you are off campus. You can only access them by logging in through the WUR Library website. To facilitate this process when you are off campus, you can now use the Library Access browser extension.

The browser extension will show a pop-up message when you try to access a publishers’ website containing licensed material. You will then be shown a link or message that will tell you how to get access.

Library Access is a tailor-made browser extension for Wageningen University & Research staff and students. It helps you access scholarly contents to which Wageningen University & Research has subscribed.

All you have to do to get started is to add it to your browser. The Library Access browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.

How to get started

1. Install the browser extension at

2. Select Wageningen University & Research - Library

Please do not hesitate to contact us when the extension does not work properly.