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How to find publications in Global Search

What is Global Search?
In the bibliographic database Global Search you search in a collection of millions of journal articles, books, proceedings and reports.
Global Search covers most of WUR Library’s resources, including the Library Catalogue and Staff Publications. Not all publications are in print available or directly full text available at WUR Library.

Other bibliographic databases
Not all scientific publications are covered in Global Search. For more systematic searches on a subject use the option Browse collections.

How to search
You can search via the (simple) search box. For a structured search switch to ‘Advanced Search’. You can filter the search results by author, local collections, resource type, publication year etc.
More search tips.

The search results: Get it!
When a publication is online available the title is linked to the full text. If the publication is not full text available you have to go to ‘Get it!’ and find out if the publication is in print available at the library.
The button ‘Details’ provides more information about the publication (a summary, descriptors).
Not everything you find via Global Search is present or directly online available at WUR Library. But if you really need it, you can order the book or article.

What is My e-Shelf?
With My e-Shelf, you can save and re-use your results and search queries. You can also use My e-Shelf to export your results to EndNote or other reference management software (Note! use the option Push to Export RIS).
In My Settings, you can indicate the number of results per page, and which research areas you're interested in.
Logging in to My e-Shelf is easy within the WUR network: click on ‘Sign in’. Once logged in, you can use all My e-Shelf facilities.