How to prepare for your Job or Internship Interview

To help you prepare for your job or internship interview we made a list of practical tips for a good preparation.

  • Be on time for your interview
  • Be yourself / show yourself during the interview. You can be a bit nervous and an interview is not easy. But try to be yourself. Be honest. Don’t give answers only to please the recruiter, that is not helpful as it will not show how you are/think.  
  • Reply to the questions, to the point.
  • Show your interest and motivation for the position/organization. That shows that you are really engaged and enthusiastic. What motivates you for this job/organisation?
  • Make eye contact with all the interviewers.
  • There is no false or true, no wrong or good answer. Try to be honest and stick to yourself.
  • Questions that might be asked are:

o   What is your motivation for this job?

o   How do you think your day on the job looks like (content of the function). Giving an answer on this questions shows that you are prepared.

  • The interview is a conversation on the same level (you can give your knowledge, they can give you a job). Everyone during the conversation is equal.
  • Be confident; also think whether this job seems a good match for you and if the organisation fits you.
  • In the NL it is not allowed as recruiter to ask for your disabilities, if you tell it yourself it is okay to that and they might ask more about it.
  • It is good to share your ambitions during the interview, what do you want to learn in the position.
  • If you don’t have certain skills/experience yet, that are required for the job how to handle this? You have got invited for the interview and the organization has seen your CV. So they know about your lack of experience. So tell them how you think you want to learn this, or improve it. Or what you are currently already doing to improve it. Or compensate your lack of skills with your soft skills (strong communication skills, emphatic, etc.). Think about how do you see yourself in this role/function with the lack of experience.