“I went offline and survived!”

Can you imagine living offline for a week? A month? A year? For many people living without a phone, internet or email for a year might seem impossible. However, Johan van Houten proved it is possible. In 2015 he made a radical choice: he decided to quit his phone, internet and email to live offline for 366 days. Back to the basics of a landline, postcards and real-life conversations. His year offline has taught him a lot about the pressure of constantly being available, the expectations of others and how it feels to enjoy real calmness and peace of mind.

Nowadays Johan combines the best of both worlds by using the practicalities of internet and social media without letting them dominate his life. In his workshop “digiminderen” Johan encourages participants to find more peace of mind by re-evaluating their relationship with modern technology. He shares his experience of living offline and helps participants to establish a more healthy relationship with their digital devices.  

Do you ever feel like your agenda, phone and social media decide your life? Like Instagram needs constant checking? And do your open WhatsApp messages and unanswered emails cause sleepless nights? Or are you simply curious about Johan’s story? Then the lecture “life without mobile devices” will provide you with refreshing insights into your relationship with modern technologies, and how to effectively use them without allowing them to dictate your life!

The lecture is on Wednesday 13 November. Limited seats available.