Thesis subject

ICTs and diversity in Europe

This BSc thesis topic is related to a proposed European Union funded project on Digital Media in Europe. The title of the project is 'Differences in usage developments and patterns' and entails a background literature review as related to the following project description: This ESR project aims at studying the similarities and differences in the developing usage patterns of digital audiovisual media in different geographies and by different groups in society.

The overall trends from linear broadcasting to non-linear and interactive media have many similarities, however, there are also significant differences. The most discussed differences are between younger and older people, but there are also differences between social groups and differences between Northern and Southern Europe and Eastern and Western Europe. The project will establish an overall statistically based picture of usage patterns in Europe and will examine specific cases more deeply. The project will also discuss the reasons for the differences and what the implications are for social and political developments in the European countries.