Thesis subject

ICTs for behavioral and social change

This BSc thesis topic is related to a proposed European Union funded project on Digital Media in Europe. The title of the project is 'User-centred change processes' and entails a background literature review as related to the following project description: This ESR project is aimed at examining the use of new digital media for behavioral and social change. People, young and old, poor and rich, across the globe, are spending more and more time behind screens in digitally mediated networks.

Our everyday personal and professional lives are increasingly shaped by digital media, which strongly influence our social relationships, our connections with the physical world, the decisions we make about what to buy and how we spend our time. The hyper-connectivity that characterizes these networks opens up enormous possibilities for information exchange, knowledge creation, social influence, feedback, debate, learning and innovation, social networking, marketing, advertising and so on. The project will critically examine how ICT-mediated interaction creates both challenges and opportunities for informing and involving citizens in change processes. It will also analyze the potential of ICT-mediated environments in changing people’s routines, influencing their lifestyle decisions and in improving communication between societal actors.