Stage koraalrifonderzoek op Bonaire, Caribisch Nederland


Internship: Coral reef research Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

We are looking for four highly motivated students (preferably MSc level) for research on the coral reef of Bonaire.

Start 2020

The coral reef of Bonaire is crucial to diving tourism and also plays an important role in coastal protection. A healthy coral reef protects the coastline against storms and rising sea level, and is an important economic resource through fishing and tourism. For a systematic inventory of coral and fish communities on the leeward and windward side of Bonaire we seek four experienced students. That means at least PADI Advanced or equivalent and sufficient diving experience (> 50 dives). The four students will work as a team of two buddy pairs in which one team will focus on the fish communities and the other team on the benthos.

Although in this internship you will be diving a lot, we are mainly looking for students with proven experience in conducting, analysing and reporting of research. Data processing should be in R and experience in this environment is thus a plus.


  • Application of survey protocols (based on AGRRA and GCRMN) for the assessment of the coral and fish communities;
  • Collecting research data (fish and benthos, including corals, algae, sponges) about 115 locations to 20m depth;
  • Data processing and statistical analysis of data with R.

Further information

  • Duration is minimally 6 months (including 1 month preparation and 2 months analyses and reporting in Den Helder)
  • Diving experience required (minimum 2-star or advanced open water or equivalent, >50 dives)
  • Student allowance € 200-400 per month; research costs covered by Wageningen Marine Research, but not diving equipment, living and travel expenses.
  • Application preferably as a group of four.