Internship: Evaluation of selfassesments protocols by pig farmers and the possible use for innovation of enforcement policy in future cases

In 2012 all pig farmers with sow production facilities were asked by the NVWA to fill in a self assesment questionnaire on group housing of sows since this group housing would become compulsory in 2013 and individual would become obsolete.

Farmers were asked to the status of their farm with respect to this new legal requirement. More than 90 % of the farmers responed. The results were used for a risk based enforcement strategy which was positively wellcomed by the European Commission. We would like to evaluate this approach by asking the farmers about their experiences and make a general report about it. Furthermore the outcome of this evaluation is needed for a futher development of this kind of tools. The internship is also ment to come up with practical proposals for this innovation, of a modern (web based, apps, ....)

Period (start and duration): 4-6 months, spring 2014

Location: Utrecht

Language requirements: Dutch

Allowance: 550 Euro per month