Learning to learn (course given in Dutch)

Find out which learning style suits you best!

Find out which learning style suits you best! The training “Learn how to learn” (NL) aims at teaching students how to process information as effectively and efficiently as possible, to prepare successfully for your exams. Important aspects of learning such as mind-set, motivation, concentration, memory, power of repetition and learning strategies will be discussed. Additionally, there is extra focus on exam preparation.  

Practical information & registration

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this training, the student is expected to be able to:
- deal with study material more efficiently and effectively;
- show knowledge and behaviour that enhances concentration and motivation;
- define personal learning strategies and preferences;
- use tools that enhance memorization;
- understand the effects of proper time allocation;
- prioritize activities and make effective choices accordingly;
- make effective schedules based on your priorities/goals in the short and long term;
- thoroughly prepare for exams.


Explanation of theories, practical assignments, discussion, reflection and feedback.


No examination.


Provide through Brightspace/E-mail

Please contact student.trainingsupport@wur.nl for any questions