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Lisa Nguyen - Exchange Prague - BSc Management and Consumer Science


My name is Lisa and I went to Prague (Czech Republic) during the third year of my bachelor 'Management and Consumer Science'.

Why did you choose Prague?

The main reason I chose Prague is because I just love this city. You see a lot of history in the city and there are lots of beautiful buildings to see. Another reason I chose Prague is because the city is central and surrounded by countries that I have always wanted to visit. During my exchange I have visited Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Italy.

What was your best moment?

That is difficult to say, because I have had many great moments. If I have to choose, I will say the last week in Prague with my friends. During that week we did something fun every day and everything seemed to fall into place. Prague really felt like my home. It felt so good to spend time with the people that I had been close with for the last few months and that we could end this period together.

What was a challenge you experienced during your exchange?

I found it exciting to live in a new country and what I have learned from this experience is that sometimes you do not have to think too much or worry. Sometimes you have to let go of the control and let it be. Everything will be all right in the end.

Do you have tips for students who also want to exchange?

Specific tip for Prague: try to participate as much as possible in the activities that are organized in the beginning. This way you get to know a lot of new people.

General tip: Enjoy the period that you are on exchange! It is such a unique experience, you can call it a once in a life time opportunity. And no matter how cliché it sounds, everyone who has been on exchange will agree with me: time flies!