Looking for performers!

We are looking for participants for a Flash Mob kind of Performance!

We are looking for at least 16 student actors for a performance on campus in May/June.

Together with two professional coaches you will produce material for the performance based on the architecture and daily routines on campus. By putting them under a magnifying glass, another perspective on daily routines and perspective on the local space becomes visible. The performance will be around movement and hardly with textual proclamations.

The performers have to work physically, but it is not necessary to have a background in dance or acrobatics. You will learn to know your own body and physicality and enlarge your consciousness about your body and how you move.

You will be challenged and trained in your physical state of mind within your own limitations, but maybe outside your comfort zone.

Photos and trailer of a same kind of performance in Utrecht: Rushing Faces


Photos: Rushing Faces 2019 - © Sjoerd Derine

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