MSc thesis subject: Analysis the spread of malaria using Agent Based Modelling

The spread of Malaria is a complex process. Lots of factors including environmental characteristics, human behaviour, seasonality, and weather play a role. To estimate the effects of interventions detailed models are required which can be uses to explore different scenarios

Models exist that simulate the spread of mosquito’s and/or the effect of interventions. However most of these model do not explicitly take into account the spatial environment and its effect on occurrence and spread of mosquitos or use aggregate assumptions about the relation between spread of mosquitos and their environment.

Agent Based Modelling offers opportunities to include the explicitly relations between a detailed representation of the environment (land use, elevation, location of stagnant water) and the mosquitos.


  • Explore the relation between environmental factors and the spread of malaria related mosquitos (mainly Anopheles).
  • Develop (behavioural) rules that explain the interactions between mosquitos and their environment.
  • Implement and test these models in a simple ABM using Netlogo or GAMA.

For the development of the ABM case studies and data are available from previous research


  • Affinity with scripting and ABM

Theme(s): Modelling & visualisation, Human – space interaction