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MSc thesis subject: Automating processing workflows for UAV based LiDAR data of different vegetation types on different terrain types

With the RiCOPTER UAV we acquired numerous datasets over different crop types over the previous year, and more datasets will be acquired this year. For fast data delivery and initial analysis we have a premature version of an automated processing chain, based on LAStools. However, different crop types, , different terrain types (eg. flat or hilly) and different acquisition settings ask for variation in the parameter settings for processing.

In this thesis we ask you to investigate the influence of the different parameter settings in the LAStools processing chain, when this is applied to different vegetation types and different terrain types. Find a way to analyse those differences spatially and come up with advice on optimal settings for specific crop types and different terrain types.


  • Determine how different LAStools parameter settings influence the created crop maps
  • Optimize the processing for individual crop types
  • Optimize the processing for individual different terrain types
  • How to deal with large datasets (tile based processing)



  • Some scripting skills are essential (command line batch scripting).

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring, Integrated Land Monitoring