MSc thesis subject: Comparison of UAV based LiDAR and Photogrammetry

For measuring the size, height and volume of objects techniques like Airborne Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry are being used. Where the benefits of ALS are clear for vegetated areas are clear, the choice for buildings of bare soil areas are less obvious. In those cases it is the question which technique performs the best and at which costs.

The Ricopter UAV, especially designed for UAV based ALS, also carries 2 digital camera’s which are primarily used to color the point cloud acquired by the laser scanner. However, those cameras are also very useful for Photogrammetry and create a DSM for exactly the same area.

The idea is to use already acquired Ricopter datasets and compare the created point clouds by laser scanning and photogrammetry. How does the size and volume of e.g. a building differ? How comparable are the DSM, DTM of a forest, grassland or bare soil area?


  • Determine how comparable 3D point clouds are, acquired with UAV-ALS and UAV-Photogrammetry
  • Compare the accuracy and usability of both techniques over different terrain types.

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring